Below is your buying process in 6 simple steps .

STEP 1 :-First of all add your chosen Product to the basket.

STEP2 :-Review your selection and if ok press the Secure Checkout Button

STEP3 :- Provide your billing and delivery details, then press the Secure Checkout Button

STEP4 :- Review your order and payment and delivery details and then press the Secure Payment Button

STEP 5 :- Select a Payment Type, by clicking on your card type

STEP 6 :- Complete the form with your card details, then press 'Yes I confirm Payment Button'.

Your purchase will then be complete and you will receive a confirmation email to your Inbox (Please also check your 'junk mail' as well please)

On your email headed Succesful Transaction you can click on the link for a VAT receipt if this required.


Additional information to allow your purchase to be as safe and comfortable

1/ Make sure the site you are looking at has the sign off a padlock in the URL address at the top off the page, to confirm to you that the site is secure

2/ Does the company offer you a secure checkout and payment provider

3/ Is the company number and VAT registration number available?

4/ Can you see where the company is located (where to find us)

5/ Does the company have a clear Privacy Policy covering GDPR?

6/ If the company offers 'free delivery' is this  qualified on a delivery page for your comfort before you buy.